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Amazing Astrid

One of the best things about the new job is the opportunity to go to exhibitions, and meet artists. Not the ones I already know, the ones who are as desperate as me to get their work shown, or to get any publicity. And since the incident on the North Bridge, a lot of them make it quite obvious how jealous they are of my ‘success’.

No, since I’ve started work here I’ve met other, more established artists. For example, I met Astrid Roeken yesterday. There’s going to be an exhibition of her work opening next week in a gallery just round the corner. I love her work; she makes things out of found objects, funny old-fashioned children’s toys and household junk that normally gets thrown away, and she gives it new life. My favourite piece of work by her is called ‘Was wiegt der Schnee von gestern?’; I think it’s translated as ‘how much does yesterday’s snow weigh?’ It’s just two candles that look like fake snow, one is being weighed on a scale and the other is sitting on a glass shelf.  It makes me think of how things can take on different meanings, depending on what they’re surrounded by. Perhaps people are the same. Another object I find really interesting is „I adore my unknown father“.

I managed to bump into Astrid herself, after only a small amount of hanging around outside the gallery. I was feeling quite cheerful that day, better than normal, and she was amazing! There was a glow around her, it must be because she creates things and she does what she wants. She sees the value in things that other people don’t see. She seemed to like me.