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The Premiere

The Festival Fringes’s in full swing now, and last night was the premiere of Morag’s film. She’s been working on it for months now, talking about it all the time.

The premiere was in one of the churches on Holy Corner in Morningside, a long way out of town, but it’s difficult to get venues during the festival. And the setting was right for the film, with the stone carvings on the church walls and the white lilies on the altar. In the darkness, the flowers smelled so strong, almost overpowering.

The film is an adaptation of a story by Edgar Allan Poe. It’s about a man who marries a beautiful dark woman; Ligeia. They are very much in love, but she dies. Some time later he marries a woman called Rowena. It’s clear he doesn’t love her the way he loved Ligeia and she eventually dies too. As her body is waiting to be buried it starts twitching and moving, and then she comes to life again. But she’s not Rowena any more, she’s become Ligeia. Has Ligeia taken over Rowena because of her overwhelming love for her husband? Did she even kill Rowena?

The shots of the dead body wrapped in white sheets were slightly camp, a bit Hammer House of Horrors, but by the end I was trying not to cry. Morag gripped my hand so hard it hurt.

Love conquers all. How corny. I had to wipe the tears off my face when I left the church.