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Angel Of Scotland

There was a photo of me on North Bridge in the Scotsman, and a short article;

‘Arms outstretched, Fiona Hayward stood immobile on the parapet of the North Bridge. She signalled the start of the ‘show’ by flashing lights into the sky and it wasn’t long before a small audience gathered to watch, only prevented from coming nearer by the police. The light from the police sirens also worked as a eerie and effective backdrop to her performance. Fiona later said she was pleased with the success of her project, an evocation of the Angel of the North – perhaps our own Angel of Scotland…’

That’s what I wanted, I suppose. To be noticed. The article makes it sound like I arranged it all in advance, like I knew what would happen.

Later on in the article it says

‘a human imitating a statue has an uncanny power, a reversal of the normal order of things. There are statues of famous men all over Edinburgh and nobody ever notices them. But when I put it to Fiona (just before she was taken away in the police car) that as a living woman imitating a statue she was overturning the male hegemony of art in this city, she refused to comment.’

I wonder when the performance actually stopped. Perhaps it was in the police car, or later in the cell when I was being interviewed by a doctor from the local loony bin, whose job was to make sure I wasn’t really suicidal. Fortunately he wasn’t very good at his job…

I phoned Moràg from the police station so she could come and fetch me. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to mind. When we got home she insisted on having a glass of wine and hearing all about what had happened, although I just wanted to go to bed. But when I did finally escape, I couldn’t sleep all night, even after taking my pills.